Monday, November 12, 2012

Army Copter

That you are inside the army in this exciting Army Copter game and you need to accomplish your missions so as to make your nation proud of you. Your prime mission should be to neutralize as lots of enemy units as you possibly can. To succeed in your mission you might have to fly your cool helicopter and fight the enemy army to death. Use arrow keys to move and to navigate your army copter, use the space bar crucial to attack your enemies. Pick up some bonuses dropped by parachutes to help you in your mission. Attempt not to come under fire and attempt to kick some backside. Watch out in your health bar, when your wellness bar is empty you shed a life. You have got fully 3 life's, try not to shed them all, since the game will be over and you'll lose the game. In the finish of your game you are able to submit your scores. Try to earn as considerably scores as possible. Play this difficult free of charge on line army game and have entertaining. Fantastic luck, army copter driver!